These are the things
we are good at.

Artistry & Innovation

The right people, the perfect angles & the best damn polish in the industry.

World Class Production

World-class innovators in every corner just waiting to tell you their newest revelations.

Full Service Facilitation

Do you have an international project shooting in Oz and need production support & resourcing? Australia’s best production professionals are here to inspire & guide you every step of the way.

Video That Sells

For every piece of content there’s an audience in waiting. We care deeply about the 4th stage of production. What’s was all the hard work for if we don’t implement distribution strategies? We have experience across the spectrum: commercial, corporate, documentary.

See you on the other side of the screen,
if you make it, earnest cyberspace cadet.

– Crimethinc.

 Facilitation of Interstate & International Productions

 Stills photography & digital processing

 Graphic designers & brand consultants

 Content distributors & social media marketers

 Casa licensed drone pilots

 Composers, sound designers & field recordists

 App builders & Web coders

 Hair & makeup artists + Special FX

 Voiceover artists & Translation services