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We are a full video production Melbourne studio that works tirelessly from storyboard to distribution.  With multiple 4K cameras & lens kits we deliver the best quality broadcast & web-content for our clients.  But it’s not the toys alone that make for competent storytelling- our creative team is brimming with fresh perspective & life experience. Umbershoot builds ongoing relationships with clients for video production in Melbourne.

Half our shooting is done on-location and the balance we do here at the studio. Looking to do an in-house shoot that is accommodating and comes with everything? Commercial video, corporate video, interview video, web video, training video, explainer video, animated video, event video, promotional video, conference video, music video, video marketing Melbourne, TVC Melbourne? Bring your brief to the best video production company in Melbourne.

At Umbershoot, you can choose between two huge cycloramas with expansive floor space for multiple framing positions. We also construct purpose-built sets & grip rigs for complex camera moves.

It’s all quite dreamy really.

Video Production Melbourne

We are looking for the same thing as you. People we genuinely enjoy, clever & surprising projects, and the opportunity to make content that counts.