Umbershoot | Melbourne Video Production
Umbershoot is a video production in Melbourne, Australia. Corporate & commercial filmmaker' production, working with a syndicate of unique and imaginative Australian filmmakers.
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Umbershoot – video production company in Melbourne

A moving company for images.

Umbershoot is a complete digital cinema studio.

Our syndicate of creatives can round-trip all stages of production in-house. 

If your project involves images then we’re the Melbourne video production company to move them.

We are a one-stop video production studio in Melbourne, Australia. Umbershoot sets the bar for contemporary film production in Melbourne. A complete digital cinema studio complex, we can round-trip entire commercial + corporate video productions in-house. Our producers offer a range of commercial video production solutions to both local + international clients. Umbershoot will out-perform expectations- adding fresh ideas, new techniques + little surprises to each project.There are only a select few video production companies in Melbourne you can trust to get the job done right, both creatively + economically. Deadlines are paramount, and we will guarantee our post-production timelines. Clients return + refer because we listen, build relationships and nail the brief. Umbershoot is dedicated to building long term, client-focused relationships. You can only do that by delivering rigorous product and having a healthy work culture across all projects.

With a no-nonsense shortlist of talented Australian filmmakers, we settle for nothing but the best quality in television + video production. As for the scope of our services? If your project involves images then we’re the Melbourne video production company to move them.

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